April Showers Cleaning Service LLC offers a professional cleaning service at competitive prices to fit your needs. Our service is priced per hour rate for a two person team, depending on the size of your home, for your first inital cleaning. Second cleanings are priced at a flat rate. We understand you get what you pay for and we are committed to ensuring you a team committed to results and high-quality. The more often we come by, the less cleaning you have to do. Not to mention the intangible benefit of living in a spotless place! With this wide range of available cleaning service packages, you can be sure to find the one that fits your schedule and budget. No obligation! Request a free estimate for your home or book your appointment today.


New to professional cleaning? 

Don't worry. Here's a brief rundown of our services to help you figure out how often you will need our cleaning service. 

Move-In/Out Cleaning Services: 

Our move-In/out cleaning services offer a professional team of two cleaners will arrive to your home with a tailored cleaning checklist specific to your home. A top to bottom clean, using our white glove treatment to make sure no dust, dirt, or grime is left behind.

Weekly Cleaning Services:

Our most popular option: With your busy schedule there is always a long list of "to do's" that need to get done. Typically cleaning makes it way down the list as the day continues. Hiring April Showers Cleaning Service LLC will help you take cleaning off your list. 

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services:

This is one of the most popular options. It's a huge weight being lifted knowing every other week you will have a professional team cleaning your home with exceptional detail. Take advantage of this service between your regular pick-ups and let us help you get on top of your cleaning so you can focus on life.

Monthly Cleaning Services:

For homes that require cleaning services on a monthly basis, rest assured that each cleaning will freshen your home or office. This is a great service for those who may be out of town a lot, or for those who may enjoy cleaning, but want a little extra help each month. 

We provide six essential routine steps in each area to ensure completed area(s) and, peace of mind using our closing checklist before leaving your home.

Dusting throughout, Polishing, Steam Mopping, Dust mopping, Sweeping &, Disinfecting, will be done in each area of your home. Depending on your specifications list more or less of our services can be done.





Don't Need Your Entire Home Cleaned? - Two Cleaning Packages Available

Our Package are buget-friendl

*Times will vary In your home depending on the avalibilty of cleaning technicians. 

Time: (1.50 min.) - Basic Cleaning Package: 1 bathroom, living room or dining room, floors throughout home

(One Cleaning Technition, 1 Superintendant)

 Time: (2hrs) -General Cleaning PackageKitchen, 1 bathroom (possible 2nd) bathroom), Floors throught home 

(Two Cleaning Technitions, 1 Superintendant)

Time: T.B.T. -Deluxe Cleaning Package: Tailored Package to your specific needs and, wants

Ex: Kicthen, Living room, Dining room, Den, Bathroom(s), Bedroom(s), Entrance, etc. 

*(Depends on what needs to be completed) - Residential Assessments for all packages & services is required.


"We Don't Cut Corners; We Clean Them"

Residential Cleaning

Laundry Services

Stripping, Buffing & Waxing Service

Office Cleaning

Day Porter and Party/ Event & Banquet Cleaning

Renovation Cleaning (Final & Touch-Up)

Whether you are leaving or moving into a home, we have the tools needed to get your space looking its very best. Let our team transform your space and bring it back to the height of cleanliness. Keep in mind, removing the build-up of soil and grime is essential before we can get a home looking it's best! Landlord approved, making sure you get your security deposit back. 

Turnover can be stressfull for any property manager. We've partnered with many in Gainesville and surrounding area's. We get the job done, and meet your expectations. Getting back to a basic starting point is important so that we have a clean slate to work with. April Showers Cleaning Service LLC uses a deatiled strategies so you get the best results possible for your move-In/move-out property.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

 April Showers Cleaning Service LLC specializes in laundry services for anyone that simply do not have the time. This service can be an add-on to your maid service or we can cater to this need individually. The choice is yours. In our assesment we will make sure to properly explain the details. 

Are you finishing up construction on a new or expanded development? Bring our team in to get your commerical building or residential home move-in ready. We have the knowledge to work with you to finish your project in a timely matter. We specifically train our team members on properly cleaning new finishes and do not use chemicals that will harm those finishes. All of our site supervisors are OSHA Trained. No project is too big for our expirenced staff. 

April Showers Cleaning Service LLC are a essential part of your day to day life in the office, clinic or business establishment. Not only do we make your office clean, we also ensure that you can best focus on your job to make your clients happy. Clients want to see a clean office or practice when they walk in the door and you can't afford to spend valuable business time cleaning your office, or walking in every morning, only to find out that your current cleaning company didn't complete their job the previous night. Our nightly janitorial service is ideal for any office building looking to keep germs and dust from gathering. We customize a cleaning plan specifically created for your building to meet the increments that best suite your needs. Training is core to our mission and each team member is trained on innovative cleaning techniques, professional grade cleaning solutions. We are equipped with a cleaning plan that outlines your building requirments. Our recurring office services will provide you with a cleaning experience you will appreciate for years to come.

Daily your floors are walked on leaving scuff marks, dirt, and scratches that serve as a distraction to your building. We suggest your floors - wood, VTC, or tile be servced at least two times a year. Allow the same pride you have for your beautiful office, resturant, school, gym, or medical facility shine through to your floors.


Floor Care Cycle:

Strip and Wax

Floor Buff

Scub and Recoat



The show must go on and everyone will enjoy it more if the facility is clean. April Showers Cleaning Service LLC will help you organize items, clean proposed area and prepare for your special event. We provide day proter services and event & banquet cleaning services. Break rooms and restrooms, all need continuous attention. If your business needs consistant, around the clock cleaning, we would recommend our day porter services. Our team adheres with your building policies and security and becomes apart of your team. We can provide behind the scene services to keep your venue clean and stocked while your audience enjoys the onsite activities. Whether you need day or night staffing to complete an otherwise overwhelming pre or post event facility overhaul, we can provide the cleaning services you need. We don't cut corners, We clean them.

Residential & Commercial       Pre-Assessment Form: